Department of Mechanical Engineering
Toyohashi University of Technology

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Mechanical Engineering
Developing Engineers and Researchers with Problem-Solving Skills

The Department of Mechanical Engineering plays an important role in areas such as energy and environmental systems, materials, transportation, robotics, manufacturing, information technology, biomechanics, and health care – many of which are national priorities. In order to respond to these demands, the department has set up the four courses of mechanical systems design, materials/production processing, system control/robots, and environment/energy to train students in mechanical engineering and its applied fields more broadly and in greater depth. In addition, the department has established a carefully-thought-out system for tailor-made education according to the aptitude and preferences of each student.

In addition to teaching mechanics, energy, production technology, and system technology that form the basis of mechanical engineering, the department offers education in applied fields such as robots, nanotechnology, BioMEMS, biomedical welfare, environment, and management, etc. In this way, the department is developing human resources who can greatly contribute to the development of future society through manufacturing. Through this education and research, we aim to create a base for new mechanical engineering that will be useful to society and offer mankind greater dreams and hopes for our future.